Hurricane Sandy Response - 11/09/12

MRC Colleagues,

With Sandy's landfall behind us by almost two weeks, we are seeing many MRC units in the affected areas beginning to stand down. Unfortunately another storm - a nor'easter bringing cold temperatures and snow - blew through the region and has caused even more burden on an already stressed system. Even with many improvements happening each day, the recovery for many communities will be protracted and difficult. However, I am certain that the MRC units in those areas will rise to the challenge.

The reports we have received from unit leaders so far have been incredibly timely and insightful, allowing us to provide great information about what is happening on the ground to key decision makers within government, as well as with our partner organizations. Currently, there are 34 units activated to support general, American Red Cross, and special medical needs shelters; emergency department outposts; special needs registries; call centers; and other activities. Over 705 volunteers have been deployed by local MRC units in support of this event – but we know that this number is actually much higher since not all of the units reporting have included the number of volunteers activated.

For those MRC units now returning to normal routine, we ask the unit leaders to please update your profile with the activities you led, participated in, and supported. It is important to have as many details as possible in order to best promote the incredible assistance the MRC network was able to provide to communities. Aspects such as the numbers and types of volunteers, total hours served, and descriptions of services provided all help to better tell the story and demonstrate the return on investment of the MRC. In addition, any pictures taken of volunteers in action would be truly beneficial. We encourage you to share them with the DCVMRC via email at

We continue to be inspired by the strength of the MRC network, selflessness of MRC volunteers, and services you are able to provide. Thank you for keeping us informed as you work tirelessly to assist those who need it most.

Warmest regards,


CAPT Rob Tosatto
Director, Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps
Phone: (240) 453-8218
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11/12/2012 10:43:58 AM