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NYC Medical Reserve Corps ( 253 )

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) enhances New York City’s emergency preparedness by ensuring that a trained group of volunteer health professionals is ready to respond to health emergencies.The MRC works in partnership with professional associations,universities, and hospitals to organize this multidisciplinary group of volunteer health professionals.NYC’s team was created by the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene(DOHMH) to support the emergency needs of our local area.A rapid emergency response will provide a timely return to stability for our communities. MRC volunteers can play a critical role in making this happen by being part of a pre-identified, pre-credentialed, and pre-trained group of potential responders.During an emergency, volunteers might be called on to assist with medical evaluation, patient education, triage/screening, vaccination, and/or distribution of medication.The primary role of the MRC is to help distribute antibiotics or vaccine during an emergency requiring mass prophylaxis.Volunteers may also be called upon to assist the City with mass sheltering operations, such as during a coastal storm, or to assist with medical surge capacity, for example during a pandemic influenza outbreak.The MRC provides all volunteers with medication or vaccine to protect themselves, and gives specific training for any number of possible tasks. Any licensed health professional (or health professional student) who lives and/or works in New York City can join the MRC/NYC. Both online, and live,educational opportunities are available to volunteers. For more information, visit

Community/Jurisdiction Served:

New York

Bronx County , Kings County , New York County , Queens County , Richmond County

Jurisdiction Notes :
New York City

Sponsoring Organization:
NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene


Unit Information:
42-09 28th St, 6th Floor
NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
Queens, NY 11101

Contact Information:
Betty Duggan
42-09 28th Street
CN 22E
(347) 396-2689
Queens, NY 11101

Unit Volunteers (8310 Total) :
Volunteer Type Count
Physicians 1636
Physician Assistants 209
Nurse Practitioners 280
Nurses 2440
Pharmacists 264
Dentists 234
Veterinarians 39
Mental Health Professionals 1687
EMS Professionals 287
Respiratory Therapists 43
Other Public Health/Medical 654
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical 537

Recent Activities: