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Eastern Shore Medical Reserve Corps ( 239 )

The Eastern Shore MRC unit was established by Accomack County and serves Accomack and Northampton Counties, in addition to the Town of Chincoteague. The MRC serves two counties and the Town of Chincoteague. The MRC has over 150 medical and non-medical professionals who have acted on a desire to volunteer their time and expertise during emergencies. The MRC has promoted its mission, established its policies, procedures, and protocols regarding operations and conducted recruiting initiatives within the medical community and the community at large. The unit is prepared to provide staffing at Point of Dispensing clinics during mass immunization/prophylaxis campaigns. The Eastern Shore MRC has teamed up with the county health department to assist them in staffing their seasonal flu clinics. Additionally, they are an integral part of all efforts to increase the health benefits of Shore residents. It’s also currently active in a public health preparedness education programs for individuals in schools, churches, and community organizations, instructing them how and when to prepare for a disaster. This unit is recruiting members for its MRC by making presentations and/or delivering brochures to its public buildings, Citizen Corps meetings, meetings of professional organizations, mailings, health fairs, and other community gatherings. The unit has a core of over 150 volunteers and has developed a core curriculum based on the suggested MRC core competencies. These MRC volunteers will be included in exercises being planned by the County Department of Health Services. We encourage all prospective volunteers to register with the MRC by going to, and selecting "online application" for Eastern Shore MRC. Please contact Ellen Archer, MRC Coordinator at 757-302-4266 for further information or assistance.

Community/Jurisdiction Served:


Accomack County , Northampton County

Jurisdiction Notes :
Town of Chincoteague

Sponsoring Organization:
Eastern Shore Health District


Unit Information:
23191 Front St.
P.O. Box 177
Accomac, VA 23301

Contact Information:
Ellen Archer
P.O. Box 177
23191 Front Street
(757) 302-4266
Accomac, VA 23191

Unit Volunteers (166 Total) :
Volunteer Type Count
Physicians 15
Physician Assistants 2
Nurse Practitioners 4
Nurses 44
Pharmacists 10
Dentists 1
Veterinarians 1
Mental Health Professionals 4
EMS Professionals 9
Respiratory Therapists 0
Other Public Health/Medical 9
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical 67

Recent Activities: