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Riverside County MRC ( 1467 )

MRC units engage these volunteers to strengthen public health, improve emergency response capabilities and build community resiliency. The Riverside County Medical Reserve Corps will be assisting mass prophylaxis/vaccination clinics, hospital staffing surge, setting up Alternate Care Sites, providing triage functions at overloaded medical facilities, disease investigation, or any other major public health needs. The unit is partnered with the Riverside County Emergency Medical Services (EMS)Agency, the Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA), and the Pharmacy Emergency Response Team (PERT) and other County resources to develop a coordinated response to a disaster. We are continuously recruiting licensed health and medical personnel. In addition to recruiting medical and health professionals non-medical support personnel will be needed for logistical support. Future MRC volunteers will be included in exercises being planned by the Riverside County Emergency Response Department. We encourage all prospective volunteers to register with the MRC by going to to apply online. Please contact the Riverside County MRC Coordinator shown in this listing for further information or assistance.

Community/Jurisdiction Served:


Riverside County

Jurisdiction Notes :

Sponsoring Organization:
Riverside County Department of Public Health


Unit Information:
4210 Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside, CA 92505

Contact Information:
Martin Baxter
4210 Riverwalk Parkway
(951) 358-7254
Riverside, CA 92505

Unit Volunteers (184 Total) :
Volunteer Type Count
Physicians 4
Physician Assistants 4
Nurse Practitioners 6
Nurses 60
Pharmacists 5
Dentists 1
Veterinarians 0
Mental Health Professionals 5
EMS Professionals 20
Respiratory Therapists 3
Other Public Health/Medical 26
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical 50

Recent Activities: