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Yuma County Public Health Preparedness & Response MRC ( 1146 )

Yuma County Public Health Preparedness and Response MRC Unit was established in 2006 with the help of other local and statewide agencies with common goals. Our key partners are Sunset Community Health Centers, Yuma Regional Medical Center, Chicanos por La Causa, Yuma School Districts, DES, Campesinos Sin Fronteras, Citizen Corps, SMILE and many more. We coordinate and provide training to individuals, groups, and agencies on Pandemic Flu, CPR, AED, Blood borne Pathogens, Avian Flu, Bio-Terrorism and general emergency preparedness.

Community/Jurisdiction Served:


Yuma County

Jurisdiction Notes :
Yuma County borders the State of Sonora, Mexico to the South. San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico is our neighboring city in Sonora Mexico. We also share a border with both California and Baja California to the West.

Sponsoring Organization:
Yuma County Public Health Services District


Unit Information:
2200 W. 28th St
Yuma, AZ 85364

Contact Information:
Michelle Smith
2200 W 28th st
(928) 317-4624
Yuma, AZ 85364

Unit Volunteers (9 Total) :
Volunteer Type Count
Physicians 0
Physician Assistants 0
Nurse Practitioners 0
Nurses 1
Pharmacists 0
Dentists 0
Veterinarians 3
Mental Health Professionals 0
EMS Professionals 0
Respiratory Therapists 0
Other Public Health/Medical 0
Non-Public Health/Non-Medical 5

Recent Activities: